Real Estate Broker. Really?

set-four-vector-real-estate-signs-18069014            My real estate broker doesn’t take me seriously. Somehow the fact that I am planning a move to a new city and state and have allotted only three and half days to find a new residence and to seal the deal produces no urgency or concern on his part. I suspect the stellar weather since I arrived and that he did mention he often “works by the pool” might be factors in his lack of motivation. While he deepens his tan, I scour the listings and email them to him. Many hours later he responds, “Please prioritize.” Minutes later, done. He scheduled showings for some of my options, ignored others, and made arrangements to show me places I’d already told him are of no interest. He keeps forgetting my top priorities when he suggests new listings. Questions that require simple answers seem to take him an eternity to answer.

I don’t know the city well. We drive to all the places. It seems to take a long time to get from one place to another. It wasn’t until later when I headed out on my own to walk the neighborhoods of the possibilities that I realized how silly it was to drive from one to another since they are all about 10 minutes walking distance from one another. No wonder he’s driving the same car he used to move to the city ten years ago after he graduated from college. Yeah, he still lists his parents’ house for his license and registration. Yeah, you’re not surprised.

We walked out of one house and were ten paces from the front door when I asked a question about the property. I’d forgotten to check out something. As I headed back in, he stopped me. He’s got this one covered. He called the owner’s real estate agent, who was inside the house, for the answer. Question asked. Question answered. Just that easy.

I should fire him. Unintentionally, I may have done so. While he was sunning himself I located a property on Craigslist and went to see it. I think it may be “the one.” I feel a twinge of guilt that this guy who has made little to no effort may not get paid for his feeble attempt. Then again, maybe such scenarios are why he’s perfected accomplishing so little. I could never be a real estate broker.

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