I used to do things. Useful things. I had a title, a paycheck and benefits. Yet, I never found what I was doing all that satisfying. I was like a windup toy that couldn’t wait until the key stopped spinning so I could get lost in my thoughts again.

Ten months ago, I quit to write. It turns out, I am not writing anything. I just quit. So what do I do? I distract myself. I am the Queen of Distractions. This ability may be my greatest accomplishment – forever to be written into the annals as “The woman who doesn’t do anything.” I dislike when people ask, “What did you do today?” or “What do you do with your time?” This blog is my attempt to share how I accomplish nothing well. I am never bored.  My life is quite fulfilling, and I am not going to apologize for it. Welcome to my story.

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